Online Store Setup

Web Design Done Well sets up and updates online stores and shopping carts for small, established businesses and start-ups. Having sold through his own online store, WDDW's Web designer can help clients avoid problems and get their stores up and running quickly and smoothly. Setting up an online store entails –

  • documenting the client's requirements
  • registering one or more domain names (i.e., Web addresses)
  • selecting a suitable, mobile-friendly online store platform (e.g. Shopify, GoDaddy, etc.) that integrates an SSL certificate, payment gateway, payment processor, and merchant account for encrypting, authorizing, and processing credit and debit card transactions to avoid the complications of having to purchase them separately and incorporate them manually
  • classifying the products to be sold into logical, customer-friendly categories
  • creating product listings, including variants (e.g., colors, sizes, etc.), codes (e.g., SKUs, UPCs, etc.), inventory quantities, prices, shipping specifications (e.g., dimensions, weight, etc.), shipping and tax settings, and, especially, interesting, informative, and search-engine-optimized titles and text descriptions complemented by attractive, detailed, zoomable photos (note: WDDW's Web designer is not a professional photographer)
  • designing the store's home page, supporting pages (e.g., about, contact, policies, shopping cart, checkout, etc.), and navigation menu(s)
  • customizing the store's customer-facing e-mail notification templates
  • implementing Google Analytics tracking to enable Web traffic reporting
  • familiarizing the client with store management tools, such as sales reports and spreadsheets for uploading current inventory quantities
  • compiling content and writing posts to launch the store's blog and/or social media accounts (e.g., Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc.)
an online store set up by Web Design Done Well

Amazon Listing Creation

Selling on Amazon is not easy. Amazon's policies regulate what you can sell and how and when you can sell. In addition, Amazon's customers can be quick to return purchases and request refunds. What little control you have over selling on Amazon is limited to your product listings – assuming you are not required to use other sellers' listings for identical products. If you are allowed to add your own product listings, WDDW's experienced online marketplace seller can assist you with –

  • setting up your Amazon account
  • assigning the best categories for your products
  • compiling and entering the information for each product listing
  • writing interesting, informative, searchable product titles and text descriptions that can help increase sales and minimize returns
  • shooting, photoshopping, and uploading attractive, detailed product photos that adhere to Amazon's guidelines and can also help increase sales and minimize returns (note: WDDW's Web designer is not a professional photographer)

WDDW's Web designer has sold on Amazon and can help you sell, too. Profit from his experience.

an Amazon product listing created by Web Design Done Well