Tutoring for WordPress, Weebly, Wix, and Other Do-It-Yourself Web Site Builders

Feeling pressured by WordPress, weepy over Weebly, or sick of Wix? Whether you are having problems setting up or updating a entire Web site or just a page or two, Web Design Done Well's experienced Web designer can help. He knows what it is like wrestling with unintuitive Web site builders, searching for answers in out-of-date, incomplete, or inaccurate online documentation, and calling overseas customer support representatives and he does not wish any of this on anyone.

If you have run out of patience or time, contact WDDW's Web designer for assistance. Depending on your situation or preference, he can meet with you to show you how to resolve your Web design problems or he can log in to your Web site builder account, fix the problems for you, and e-mail you clear and succinct instructions explaining how to tackle them on your own in the future.

The fees for this service are as follows:

  • in person: $7.50 travel fee per session + $15.00 per hour (minimum billable hourly time is one hour)
  • by phone and e-mail: $15.00 per hour (minimum billable hourly time is one hour)
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